John P. Hughes team won Scientific and Technical Achievement Academy Awards for the development of:
2010: Queue, our render queue management system
2008: Fluid Dynamics Simulation System
1998: Wavefront Advanced Visualizer
1994: Proprietary film scanner

JHVFX in China is promoting and fundraising for continuing development of its new technologies which are the most wanted serving global industry:

  1. CSC: Cloud Scientific Comutation started during visual effect production of Life of Pi. It adopted complete cloud computation, which is the first of the industry. Since then cloud technology has dramatically saved money, time and made possible for large VFX jobs over 10,000 computer-year of workloads as well hundreds of man-year of high-skilled technical and artistic labors and brains spread out over the world locations round the clock, for a much short-time big production delivery. John Hughes’ team leaders possess the technology for sharing the industry as once intended a CAVE cloud service company oriented to wide market of visual effect productions world wide. Business Plan is ready, seeking for capital and a data bank partner, to covert the technological achievement into profitable special service business, standardized in the current VFX and multimedia production industrial applications. 云科学计算(CSC)起始用在电影《少年派》的制作过程中,为当时行业的第一创举。从此以后,云技术的应用戏剧性地节约了视觉制作的时间与金钱,尤其它帮助实现了数百人年聪明才智与高技能的劳务、上万计算机年的工作载荷、全球多地,多快好省的大制作交付。约翰休斯的团队和相关成员拥有可以与行业共享的技术,曾试图在中国台湾组建专业的云计算服务公司,面向旷阔的电影和多媒体内容制作行业。商务计划就绪,寻求资本和数据中心合伙人,以便成果转换为盈利的特殊行业服务,就此标准化视觉特效和多媒体制作的行业应用规范。
  2. CAD: Computer Aided Animation Design Tools in visual art design fundamentally the tools are provided commercially. These are expensive high-end tools. In the meantime many small design vendors are using world popular competitions’, which are way lower in price, which can over 80% or so the complete function of high-end tools offer, while oriented social network sharing popular art design assets, which can offer much shorter cycle of completion. John Hughes’ former visual effect artist has developed such software design tools and it has been developed becoming the world most popular tool suite, with complete business model and successful marketing share through past some ten years. Renewed business plan and technology roadmap are ready, seeking for capital, acquisition of existing business, continue to serve the world market, and expand it into China. 计算机辅助设计(CAD)工具:在视觉艺术设计中基础工作靠商业软件来辅助创意者。大部分商业软件价格昂贵,面向高端应用。但同时很多小规模的艺术创作者则靠大型工具供应商的低成本竞争对手。流行的低成本工具能完成80%左右的高端工具的功能,但它能在大众文艺的社区网络上共享海量的设计素材,因而能高速高效地完成设计交付。约翰休斯的前雇员艺术家和工程师,开发了这样一套软件工具。多年来形成了成熟的商务模式和成功市场占有率。更新的商务计划和技术路线图已经就绪,寻求资本、IP收购,继续服务于世界市场,同时扩展进入中国市场。
  3. Dynamic Lighting and Imaging Research: John Hughes Institute (Los Angeles CA) has been actively involved in imaging academy and researches centered to Hollywood businesses. Various technological achievements are under R&D stages but now getting ready to be industrialized. At such stage, these are great opportunities for startup business and venture capitalists. Portfolio list of concepts and technological leaders is ready, seeking for a foundation partner who has eyes on productizations from advanced R&D. 动态光学和视觉研究:约翰休斯研究院(洛杉矶)活跃地介入光学和视觉的学术研究,都以好莱坞的电影工业应用为中心。多样化的科技成果正处在研发阶段,已经是在工业化的前夜。在如此状态下的科研项目事实是创业公司和风险投资者的最好时机。科研项目候选单已经就绪,寻求一个有科研成果转换眼光的基金合作人。
  4. Visual Effect Technology and Knowhow: John Hughes Institute and its team associates have accumulated credible VFX algorithms and assets in specialized film making. For examine Rigging which models and emulates live creatures’ body structure and layers of anatomy, in scientifically correctness as well photo-realistic presentation. These technologies can be built into design tools and asset library, providing to major film industry for general-purpose or proprietary applications. That built-up of the algorithmic foundation can elevate the efforts in film making to next level of efficiency and creativity. John P. Hughes predicted, as technologies are advancing rapidly, soon a hundreds man-year major production effort can be reduced to one tens, with lowered costs and faster delivery, and winning more box office revenue and awards. Leading scientists and artists are ready, seeking for capital to productizes and markets the results in various models (contracted custom algorithm R&D, tools and library sales, solution services, etc.). 视觉特效科技和专有技术:约翰休斯研究院以及它的相关团队,拥有积累的高成功视觉特效算法和素材。例如它的体格装配方法学对生物的建模和仿真,科学地精确到解刨学层次和运动学机制的正确,同时成就了摄影详实的视觉效果。这些成功专有技术可以定制于设计工具的模组或素材库中,供给行业的通用或专有应用。如此建制的算法基础,能提高电影人的手段以便专心于更高层面的高概念创作。约翰休斯预见到:由于技术手段的飞速进步,不久,一部数百人年的视觉特效制作项目,或可被降低一个数量级的团队完成,而且是更低的成本、更快的交付、更高的票房收益,有更多的机会获奖。领军艺术家和工程师已经就绪,寻求资本合作,以便产品化实现多样化的商业模式(合同的定制算法研发、工具和素材库销售、解决方案服务,等等)。
  5. John Hughes Multi Media Mixed Reality technologies and knowhow:Recent 5 years of practices in contracted content development of theme park rides, made proof of circular screen multi-projector whole view 3-D imaging coordinating with 3-axis accelerators and surround sounds, the first one of the kind in the world. John Hughes’ design methodology dramatically reduced building costs of money and time; the industry’s first invention. And, having spontaneous VR bi-product while the ride has not physically built yet. Advanced and high performance-cost ratio are proven through major European theme parks, against the most expensive and slow productions in major US theme parks. Seeking for contracted content development, system integration and further theme park concept designs in China cultural themes. Also look for a China manufacture partner for custom manufacture of mechanical and electro-serval system. We follow professional development partners as theme park, amusement attractions and commercial-entertainment complex (mega mall) developers and operators. 约翰休斯多媒体混合现实科技和诀窍:近五年来的主题公园内容制作,证明了巨型环幕全景3维立体景象与三轴加速机构和环绕立体声编程协调的新发明,德国电影公园在世界上第一个落成了这种崭新的历险娱乐装置。同时在装置还没有建成就产生和运用了一套VR衍生产品。高性价比和先进性在西欧和北欧得到证实,胜过制作昂贵的北美品牌主题公园同类项目。需求新的中国文化主题的新内容制作合同,延伸参与内容创作,同时征求中国制造业的电动伺服装置定制合作和供应链伙伴。我们跟随专业开发者和经营者的合作方,营造现代技术的主题公园、游乐园和商业娱乐综合体(mega mall)。