Example 范例:
John Hughes’ Tau Films has created and produced the content for Lost Temple, a motion based “dark ride” designed and installed for movie themed Park in Germany. This multimedia mixed reality ride has no conventional sets, only a 270-degree circular screen of 5 meters high and 50 linear meters wide provide the fast paced thrills of this ride experience . 14 high-intensity projectors create a seamless visual environment — all in 3-D view, all in 3-axis motion, providing a system which creates acceleration, movements and vibrations on all directions. This was the first in the industry and broke industrial records: the design process is incorporated with a VR system with which designers can conceive and compete their visual creation well before the theater has even been built. This provides an extraordinary short design and production cycle, which lowers production cost.
约翰休斯的道影业为“德国电影主题公园”制作了《Lost Temple》,一个黑暗地下环境的无道具的沉浸式设施:这座多媒体混合现实的设施没有传统的搭景和模型,只有一个270度全景、5米高、50延米的环幕,14台同步投影机无缝拼接连续的动态3D画面;适配2辆18座位的过山车上各个座位的乘客视角的3D立体景观,用简约的偏振光眼镜; 过山车可线性进退、3轴加速、用与画面编程相配运动的电动伺服系统。是目前最先进和高性价比的系统方案,类似系统有连续数年获奖的相对老式电子屏幕、或昂贵最新投影技术的装置。但休斯的因其VR设计方法学的专有技术,使内容制作的时间和成本成倍下降,成为世界第一个投入使用的成功作品。值得指出的是,该内容的设计是利用了一套实时的设计师VR系统,即用它在系统建成之前就完成了全景3D的复杂设计,又同时产生了VR版的衍生产品。休斯的各种内容出品,现在德国、英国、西班牙和阿联酋等地的主题公园或乐园中使用。
《Lost of Temple》2016年交付使用,比行业同类交付,成本和周期仅为几分之一。 (请参考约翰休斯亲自解说的视频介绍)

Kingdom Era《战国》:
The Chinese literature of pre-Qin history is being artistically reimagined by pre-Qin history-literature authority Prof. Han Zhaoqi, and Mr. John Hughes. Prof. Han, and Mr. Hughes are jointly creating the IP for a Kingdom Era themed family entertainment. The production is designed to include cultural and locational elements and the cross the boundaries of time its self. With a focus on the heritage of one particular Kingdom, its local culture, and the multiple historically significance contributions to the people of China.
For example in Qufu where was the Lu Kingdom during the era, 4 historic events are still evident: (1) the ancient myth of the Eagle Totem, (2) Confucius Touring of Seven Kingdoms in the Kingdom Era, (3) The destruction of Confucius’s Wall that reviled the pre-Qin treasure of wisdom in Han Dynasty, and finally (4) the mystic journey of a ancient magician as they wandering through the time to discover various ancient wisdom, characters and events. At the conclusion, an evening feast (banquet) and show: opera and dance, emulating how the monarch entertained his subjects (people and guests), bringing tourists a multimedia mixed reality experiences.