Our Approach 修思电影科技的经营宗旨

John Hughes founded, and for 30 years operated an international conglomerate for film visual effects production. His personal and professional mission was for artists to create outstanding imagery and develop innovations that served the entertainment industry. In early 2010s, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, began to subsidized up to 40% of all costs of visual effects contracts — effectively “buying” the visual effects work away from the United States, ending Hollywood’s domination of the industry. Hollywood is, as it always has been, an eden of artists, creators, and visionaries. John Hughes is not only a master of technical innovation, he is a visionary of the modern corporatists structure and contract VFX production. All this makes John P. Hughes the most appropriate partner to China’s film entertainment market economy, able to understand and bring the best return for China capital. Only his patient journey of reinvention to become a content creation (IP) production powerhouse. John P. Hughes brings his “know-how “ and proven success in integrating new business and capitalizing creative content (IP) to China’s entertainment industry.
约翰休斯30年创建和经营的是“以人为本”的跨国视觉特效大企业。他的个人和职业使命是“为艺术家创作其非凡的图画、并开发创新,为娱乐产业和观众服务”。 在2010年代初,英国、加拿大、澳大利亚和新西兰老四国以达40%的政府补贴奖励视觉特效项目,有效地把视觉特效任务“买”出了美国,结束了好莱坞对电影视觉特效的行业的优势。好莱坞本永远是艺术家、创作人和前瞻者的乐园。约翰休斯先生不仅是技艺创新的大师,他对自适应的企业结构和视觉特效制作的交付能力,使他成为最合适的中国娱乐市场经济的合作者,能因地制宜地为中国资本创造最好的回报。在中国,他耐心的历程正在增进其商务,成就一个创作内容(IP)的新实力团队。约翰.休斯携带他的IP创作力,资本化进入中国的娱乐产业。

Visual Effect Achievement, An Example 视觉特效的价值(举例):

For Mr. Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi, John Hughes’ team realized, the magnificent movie characters: tiger, orangutan, ocean, sky, etc. etc. Through John Hughes’s leadership, his team received the Academy Award for the Best Visual Effects for Life Of Pi, helping also enabled winning of the Best Director and the Best Cinematography.
A typical dimension of the John Hughes’ work: 75% of scenes are CG imaged, hundreds of man-years and ten-thousands of computer-years, globally five regional locations, the cloud computation, made under a USD35-million for visual effect production of a USD120-million total budget, generated USD650-million instant global box office revenue. 李安先生创作和导演、约翰.休斯团队实现了三个壮丽的视觉明星:老虎、大海、天空。不仅获得了最佳视觉特效的奥斯卡奖:还是最佳导演、最佳摄影的获奖。视觉特效项目规模:75%的画面都是由计算机生成:数百人年、万计算机年,全球五地的云计算。1.2亿美元制作总预算,千万美元视觉特效制作,6.5亿美元的直接全球票房收入

《少年派漂流记》Life of Pi – 视觉特效之前与之后

History 历史

John Hughes converged an impressive cluster of Hollywood team body, along with its Asian subsidiaries, of masters, visual artists, computer scientists, scholars, business operators and young artistic workers. He was formally the founder, owner and CEO of 26-year track-record American enterprise, with 6-location world operation, totally 1500 employees and contractors (half of them were in Asia). 约翰休斯汇集了好莱坞及其亚洲子公司的数字视觉特效团队制作大师、艺术家、科学家、学者、经营者和青年艺术工作者。其前身曾跨国经营了26年、6地、1500人半数在亚洲。
John Hughes founded Tau Films in Malaysia in 2008. Since then his International team has trained a thousand plus of young artists in Asia. John Hughes Institute headquartered in Los Angeles, completed a full 3-year Associate degree program including 14 tracks of 2000+ hours of courses, certified with collaboration by The One Academy in Asia country. Tau’s clients, for contents creation and production of large-scale multimedia mixed reality experiences and theme park rides, are in US, Germany, UK, Netherland, UEA, India and China. New sectors of film creation and production, and theme park content creation and production, are in China 约翰休斯在2008年组建马来西亚的道营业(Tau Films)。在亚洲培养和实训了千人青年艺术家,2015-2018与TOA媒体设计学院联合完成了电影视觉特效(Film Visual Effect)大专教程包括2000学时的专业课程的政府教育/质监认证。电影视觉特效制作和大型多媒体混合现实内容制作的客户,在美国、徳国、英国、荷兰、沙特阿拉伯、阿联酋、印度和中国。电影和主题公园内容创作和制作,联合项目在中国。


John Hughes Institute conducts worldwide training programs and formal education in Malaysia. It operates into China with a brand of John Hughes Academy. It has a China agenda, through standard 18-month proprietary intensive training and train-on-job, to build up a qualified and skillful China VFX Production team. 约翰休斯研究院(John Hughes Institute)主导在美国和世界各地的视觉特效培训和教育。在中国联合创办修思学院(John Hughes Academy),将通过指标验证的18个月厂标强化训练,完成国际水平的视觉特效高技能人才培训、实训和就业。修思电影科技的未来中国团队在即。

John Patrick Hughes 约翰.帕特里克.休斯

John Hughes created and operated Hollywood a Visual Effect company R&H, for 26 years, 3 times winder of Academy Award the Best Visual Effect (The Baby in 1996, Golden Compass in 2008 and Life of Pi in 2012. The team won 4 times of Academy Award for Best Technical Achievements (1994, 1998, 2008, 2010). 75% of Life of Pi CG dynamics that John Hughes team created also enabled Academy Award of the Best Director (Ang Lee) and the Best Cinematography. 约翰.休斯创始过好莱坞视觉特效制作公司,经营长达26年,3次获奥斯卡最佳视觉效果奖(1996《小猪宝贝》、2007《黄金罗盘》、2012《少年派》),4次获奥斯卡科技成果奖(1994, 1998, 2008, 2010)。占全片75%镜头的计算机仿真制作,大规模高复杂的震撼视觉特效还使该片获最佳导演奖(李安)和获最佳摄影的奥斯卡奖。
Besides film making and enterprise administration. John Hughes has been a public figure, actively serving profession and society. He is a member of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, as a member of the Academy’s Technical Committee and a member of its Digital Film Technology chapter. He serves as a member of Secretary General Committee of California Art Education Union, Los Angeles Human Resource Investment Committee, and as Education Committee Chairman under Digital Coast Roundtable. 约翰.休斯还是行业和社会的活动家。他是电影艺术与科学学会(Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences)的成员,并任该学会科技委员会委员、数字电影技术附属委员会委员。他出任加州艺术教育联盟的理事会、洛杉矶人力资源投资委员会理事会,并任 Digital Coast Roundtable (数字海岸圆桌会议)的教育委员会主席。

John Hughes operated successfully for Hollywood major studio life-action films, with a typical project involved a thousand staff in six world locations, achieving hundreds of man-years and ten-thousands plus computer hours, delivered on-time, under-budget, win-award and make box-office revenues. In recent years John Hughes starts contracted VFX productions in China. He and his team contributed Ning Hao’s Crazy Alien, his team leader supervised Guo Fan’s Wandering Earth, he is VFX producer for Li Zhiyun post-produced Yin-yang Master and Liuxiaolingtong’s Journey to the West for concept design, and Sky Fire for post-production. 休斯曾创始和经营1500人、世界6地、为一部典型电影项目完成数百人年、上万计算机年的任务。按时、按预算交付,并获得高票房经济效益并和学院奖。近年他的团队在中国贡献了宁浩的《疯狂的外星人》、郭帆的《流浪地球》拍摄期、李志允制片的《阴阳师》概念设计-前期-拍摄期、六小龄童的《西游记》概念设计和《天火》后期。

John Hughes studied Chinese language in Beijing Language Institute. His seniore supervisors included one with 3-year plus experiences working and living in Shanghai and Beijing. two of them has track-records of China theme treatments (Mummy 3). His Malaysia team have bilingual artists and instructions who are also suitable for China training. Since 2015, John Hughes’ Tau Films, Inc. started to bid China film production projects. Since 2017, John Hughes has been invited to station in Beijing to supervise his VFX productions of USD10 million project pipeline. Among them Crazy Alien was released to market in 2019 Chinese New Year, made great box office success. Director Ning Hao respectfully called him The School Master, as many VFX talents can chase back to a John Hughes origin. There are 50+ former John Hughes employees are currently stationed in China as expat artists for China companies. 休斯曾在北京语言学院学习中文,他的领军人中有在中国工作3年以上的视觉特效总监,其马来西亚团队通中英双语。他应邀访问过很多国内前沿电影行业,并应邀讲座和讲演多次。2015年以来,他的道营业公司开始在中国从事电影特效制作合同,同年在北京创建了中国的商业实体。 2018-2019年,休斯本人应中国制作项目的邀请,在北京现场坐阵中国千万美元的数个大片制作项目管线。其中2019年春节已上映《疯狂的外星人》,宁浩导演赞誉其为“校长”。在中国,约翰休斯的前雇员有50多名视觉特效艺术家现工作并常驻在中国。