2019.12.12 Skyfire 《天火》上演


SkyFire, directed by Simon West, was released Dec. 12, 2019 in a special event in Hainan Island, China. Its first week box office reached over CNY170 million. John Hughes’ Tau Films contributed 150+ shoots of visual effects. Executive Producer John P. Hughes made his debut co-producing a China Film. Bob Mercier was the Visual Effect Supervisor of the film.
This film is an experiment and proof of what Simon West identified a China Film: Chinese theme, story-telling, main-stream audience, capital and production, with international talent contributions in art designs and technologies. Many international known film makers participated, such as: Simon West (director), John P. Hughes (co-producer), Bob Mercier (VFX), Jason Issacs and Hannah Quinlivan (actors), and its production company Meridian is associated with James Schamus (Hollywood achieved director, producer and writer).

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