JHVFX Beijing, Ltd.: represents John P. Hughes Films, producers of special visual effects for feature films, commercials, and other global entertainment products and companies.
修思(北京)电影科技,代表约翰 P. 休斯的影业品牌:是特色视觉特效,用于电影、商业广告和其他世界娱乐产品和企业。

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Visual Effect Production 视觉特效制作

Tau Films: Comprised of a team of highly talented and experienced visual CG effects veterans, we specialize in (2D and 3D), photo-realistic animation, effects & compositing, real-time motion capture, matte painting & set extentions, AR and VR — virtually every aspect of feature film visual effects. Our team of artists has over 30+ years of experience and technical achievements awards. Many of our team have significantly contributed to several Academy Award winning films (in the category of visual effects). We are well know for our work on the highest level of Hollywood feature films.
道影业:集中了高技艺和丰富经验的视觉计算机特效行家里手,专才能力覆盖影像真实的动画、效果、数字合成、实时动作捕捉、着色和置景延伸,双维或三维、增强现实和虚拟现实 – 几乎所有电影视觉效果的各个方面。团队艺术家有30年以上的经验和技术成就与获奖。很多团队重点贡献了若干次奥斯卡最佳视觉特效的获奖电影。我们以好莱坞故事片中最高端的能力与建树而著称。

Training 培训

JHI-JHA: John Hughes Institute is a training institute for film visual effect professionals, offering young artists entry-level and advanced courses. Over the past decade, JHI has accumulatively trained more than a thousand entry level workers in Asia. Many have become very skilled artists, and participate in Hollywood productions. Some have won or contributed to Academy Award winning productions. Our trainees come from various education and job backgrounds. Through their experience at JHI, they become valuble VFX team artists, multimedia designers, independent artists, media industry corporate administrators and managers, and instructors. For many years, JHI has been in partnership with The One Academy (TOA) in Asia. We have established a 14-track, 2000+ hours, Film Visual Effect diploma program (3-year college or Associate degree). The JHI curriculum has passed government certifications. John Hughes Academy (JHA) is the brand of JHI’s in China.
约翰休斯研究院 / 修思学院:培训电影视觉特效专业人才,为青年艺术家提供入门和资深课程。团队曾培养超过千人次的亚洲人才。培训生从多样的教育和职业背景,通过强化培训成为现代电影行业人。约翰休斯研究院多年与亚洲的TOA传媒设计学院合作,通过政府认证了14个专业课、2000+个学时的完整三年大专教程。在中国,研究院的联合办校品牌是约翰休斯学院。

Creation 创作

休斯电影科技 / 多媒体混合现实:知识产权创作主要专注中国题材的内容开发,追求其与最新的技艺和创意的结合。

JHVFX / JHM3R:JHM3R is the creative development arm of JHVFX. We develop content for feature films, television, and multi media/mixed reality (AR, VR, motion based ride films). Our IPs are focused on Chinese cultural themes, integrating traditional and current themed story-teling with state-of-the-art artistic vision and technologies . 休斯电影科技 / 多媒体混合现实是休斯影业的创作实力。我们创作电影、电视、多媒体混合现实(AR,VR,动态游弋娱乐设施的知识产权内容。创作主要专注中国传统和当代文化题材的内容开发,追求其与最新的视觉效果和技艺相结合。

Anticipation 约翰休斯的中国愿景

John P. Hughes: Every production begins with a process. Whether it’s a feature film, television series, commercial or multi media/mixed reality, every production begins with a story, visual concept design, character and environment design. In the world of FVX, the process includes pre-visualization, asset creation (modeling, look development, texturing, pre-lighting, rigging) and testing. Once filming begins, on-set supervision, set-data collection and more testing. Once all of the categories have been client approved, the task-intense visual effects post production begins. John Hughes leads an array of talented and accomplished artists through every step of the process, right up to final delivery. With the anticipation of increased film and television production in China, JHVFX has assembled its team from the best in the industry and developed the highest performance-cost ratio in the marketplace. Our supervisors and artists have one goal: to create award winning visual effects for every client, to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship to each project. And to assure on-budget and on-time delivery. John Hughes anticipates that the technological progress in the industry will further reduced costs of the tangible aspects of special visual effects. The effort and time in generating extraordinary scenes, photo-real CG characters, and creating complicated simulations will significantly decrease. In next few years, the demand of hundreds man-years manpower per film, will reduce to its one-tenth.

The One Academy: a website Announcement of John Hughes VFX Program.